Friday, November 13, 2009

Time To Think "Where The Hell Is Andrew?" 7"

Today, while I was reading post about Academy 23 LP on always brilliant Kill Your Pet Puppy website, this single was mentioned. I don't remember who I got it from, but I believe it was Pete Williams who ran the record label and played drums in the band (and later Academy 23 too). The reason why I got it I don't remember, but it should be somewhere in my boxes with old letters at my fathers place. Nevertheless, thanks to the sender since I liked the EP and listened to it a lot. The band on this recording is comprised of before mentioned Pete, Andrew Ross (from the title of the record) and Andy Martin from The Apostles / Academy 23 / Unit fame. Some other people were involved in the band too, just not on this recording. They also have a website that was last updated on 11/11/01, but is really very informative on the band, label, releases and pretty much everything you'd want to know about the people involved.
Music-wise, this is classic anarcho hardcore punk of the 90s recorded at the budget on 4-track recorder. The 7" comes in a gatefold sleeve and inside you can find posters, two essays, lyrics, blurbs... You name it - it has it. (Man, I could go into advertising industry).
Give this a go and I'm sure you'll like it too.

Released: 1992
Label: Thinking Time Records
Size: 29 MB

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01 - Sean Was Here
02 - Gay Plague
03 - Cowards!
04 - c(Δλ/λ)
05 - A Bunch Of Cults
06 - Blipvert
07 - Mason
08 - The Death Of Muzs' Cassette Machine
09 - New Order


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