Friday, June 6, 2008

Dogma Mundista "Destiny Or Greed" LP

Great political hardcore punk band from California that I never actually knew nothing about. Bought this on recommendation.
This is what I've found out on the web about this band (band members actually).
The singer Cejas played in Tijuana punk band named Solution Mortal that played with the likes of Dead Kennedys, Discharge and Battalion Of Saints. Later when he left Tijuana and went to L.A. he started the band Synod that played with English Dogs and when they disbanded Dogma Mundista was born. After they disbanded he formed kickass psychobilly band called Calavera.
The bassist Ray Gunn later was in Glycine Max and Scarred For Life. Is infamous for drinking and partying for weeks non-stop. Eats broken glass when hungry!
Also found an interview with Chaos U.K. where they said that they're gonna release Dogma Mundista 7" since they recorded some stuff in their LA studio, but didn't found nothing about it. Feel free to fill in some more information in the comments.

Released: 1992
Label: Mundista Humanista Records
Size: 76 MB

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01. Winter For All
02. Burning Cage
03. Talk About A Statement
04. La Noche
05. Screams Of Madness
06. Feel Of Pain
07. Renovation Of Death
08. Gomorrha Today
09. Vivo Mis Idealizmos
10. Dogma Mundista
11. Sky Turns Black
12. Has Tu Memoria
13. Endless Alleys
14. Prisoner



CARRITO said...

thanx for uploading this!!!! been looking for it forever!!!! CONTRA-- CONTRADICCION!!!! fuck yeah. rockin shit!

Malisha Old 666 said...

Glad I could help Carrito. That's what this is all about. Finding out of print stuff. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

im looking for the hvs tape, i like this band a lot! if anyone has it let me know here

Anonymous said...

hey Iwas the drummer for Dogma Mundista for the swecong album before the 1994 earhquake that destroyed the recording and instruments. The sound had change to wsa more GBHstyle beat with my druumming vis Leather Bristles, Studs and Acne type beats, more motor head, less choatic d-beats, sadly I dont know what happened to the tapes, but it was going to sound like a great cross between, ealry GBH and UK Subs. We changed Stay With The Crowd to sound like a 77 style punk rock sound, and re-recorded a few tracks off of the first LP If you need any additional info let me know.

Malisha Old 666 said...

Hey, John. Thanx for dropping a line. Sorry for not answering sooner, but I haven't checked out the blog in a couple of days. Too bad about the earhquake damage. I didn't know that. I'm really sorry that I'll never have a chance to hear the LP of more röckin' version of Dogma Mundista. Especially since I like all three bands that are mentioned as influences. It would be great if you could trace some rehersal recordings from that era so I can hear it (post it here?). I would absolutely LOVE to hear it. Maybe you or someone other from the band has some of that stuff lying 'round. Anyway, thanx for getting in touch and I hope to hear from you soon. Cheers.

MR. X said...

I had a Cassette of this first recordings of Dogma Mundista which Rat of punk band Voltures gave to me, They were just Amazing stuff the echos in the Vocals were Cool and the Band was tight,.. sounding Rad!!I really Really Dug this Band, Some Fucker stole my cassette and their went that, I would love to come across them again, I did have a chance to see Cesar Rock the first series of shows a Calavera with a brand new band then called Ozomatli.. Dogma Mundista!!!!

richie said...

hello my name is skinner and i kind of grew up with ceasar cejas cousin sergio in hacienda heights, ca. roadied a couple of times for synod in the 80s. its been a long time since ive seen ceasar and richie. heard ceasars band calavera SAME OL CEASAR(ERRRRR !) every band that ceasars been in has been hardcore. i remember when synod used to practice in sergios garage (where i lived) the raw power of ceasars vocals and richies drums had all us young punks crazy ! much love ceasar.