Tuesday, June 17, 2008

VA "A Traves De Los Barrotes" 7"

This 7" is the first release from Mala Raza collective from Zaragoza, Spain. To this day they've delivered stuff from the likes of El Corazón Del Sapo, Karnvapen Attack, Chispas, Criatura, Disface, Makiladoras and more...
I remember when I was in Spain with friends of mine from Pula ('98 I think), we met people from the Mala Raza collective and they were very nice and a friend who published music got one whole Autonomia Indigena radio show that they held for introducing his label. That eventually led to releasing one El Corazón Del Sapo album on tape (the only missing format) on his Humanita Nova label and doing Croatian part of their euro tour.
Anyway, this compilation was benefit for imprisoned spanish anarchist Pablo Serrano.

Released: 1993
Label: Mala Raza
Size: 30 MB

01. El Corazón Del Sapo - Muros De Papel
02. Acme - Rectas Y Curvas
03. Bastardos Del Metal - Cada Uno Es Como Es
04. Bastardos Del Metal - Gente Demasiado Lista
05. K.B.K.S. - En La Prisión


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