Friday, June 13, 2008

Stracony "Love And Friendship" 7"

I've stumbled upon Stracony web site and seen that they don't have this 7" in their releases section. I guess that this is kind of rare shit so here you go and grab it. If you're into Crass/Conflict classic peace punk fe/male vocals type of bands, this rocks good in these ranks. The band comes from Poland.
I don't remember the year when I bought this and there is no info on the cover when this was released, but I guess it's somewhere between 1995 and 1999.

Released: 199?
Label: Peace Punk Records
Size: 31 MB

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01. Czas Zaprzestać
02. Armia
03. Rodzina
04. Otoczony
05. Rewolucje
06. Outro


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mikxxx said...

thanx so much for this..
i have it on vinyl and i was so fucking bored to rip it...