Monday, June 2, 2008

Ex-Cathedra "Karma Chameleon" 7"

Another one of the few ska punk bands that I can still enjoy.
Wow, this vinyl ripping is great because it made me to listen to some records that I was avoiding for a long time. That reminded me that it's not ska punk that's bad, it's just that in 90s (when I was into the ska punk thing) there was so many bad bands jumping on ska punk vagon that I just gave up getting more of it.
It's good to hear some of that stuff again.
Anyway, I wanted to put here their "Tartan Material" album, but as I can see, it's still available as CD from Damaged Goods. As far as I know ,this Glasgow punx also had few more 7"s, a CD with their first two EP's + some compilation tracks, one 3-way split LP (with Nutcase and Machine Gun Etiquette) and an album on Moon Ska Europe.
The members later played in a lot of other bands including my other all time faves - Fleas And Lice.
In the player you can hear destructed Culture Club's megahit.

Released: 1997
Label: Damaged Goods/Tartan Records
Size: 21 MB

01. Karma Chameleon
02. Shepherd's Herd
03. Go



Gilberto vonMamerto said...

Hey, great band from Scotland

Do you have the album: "Tartan Material"?, I have few good sound songs.

I have the LP "Also Untitled", are you interested?

Thanks for 7'

Malisha Old 666 said...

Yes, I do have "Tartan Material" on LP, but I will not post it as it is still available to buy as CD from Damaged Goods (see the text below Johnny Cash picture), sorry. As for the "Also Untitled" LP, I've never heard of it and yes, I'd be interested to hear it. Cheers.

668 said...

Thanx for the 7''
Good old 'Stiff' is still playing at Fleas & Lice. I see him some times, as they play often in my area (which is not far from the border to Netherlands).

Anonymous said...

dunno if you all know but ex cathedra are back for 2 nites only,1 at king tuts in glasgow on 20th july 2011 and also at rebelion this year in august.guid stuff