Monday, November 26, 2007

Siebensünden "En Kula Till Tröst"

This is a vinyl rip of the first album by this Swedish sludge/doom/experimental band featuring members of Warcollapse, Dom Där, Farcial, Counterblast and Tolschock. I've just found out that this has been out on CD too with an extra track ("Från Gris Till Burk" as track 3). Anyway, prepare yourself for 40+ minutes of this painful, slow and despairing to the point of near collapse (description from Vampire Magazine and it fits really well) experience.
I don't have scanner, so it's really a shame you won't get the cover art to make this an amazing package.
For info and other releases go to PAS-83 PRODUCTIONS and buy the lot.

Released: 1998
Label: Malarie records
Size: 34 MB

1. En Kula Till Tröst
2. Förbannad Lögn
3. Karnevorisk Harmoni
4. Pantad Å Såld


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