Friday, September 5, 2008

Patareni "Back To The Roots" LP

As this is 100th post here on Röckin' Nöiz I wanted to put something really special to me.
Patareni are legends and pride of my town Zagreb and they've been delivering their punk röckin' grindcore to generations of punks. They had quite a lot of releases (you can see a partial discography here) and just a few gigs (less than 20 I think) since early 80s when they formed. They were one of the grindcore pioneers and they did their grind with a lot of different musical influences and quite a lot of humour (unfortunately for people outside of ex-Yu those funny songs are all in Croatian and though unundersandable). I remember Dave Shadow from Dregs Of Humanity buying their "Debilana Sessions" 7" and we were telling him that there is almost no music, just idiotic (not in the bad way) joking on Peel Sessions in Croatian and that didn't made no difference because that were Patareni.
On this release from 1996 we have recordings from '88, '90 and '93. Some of the songs are medleys and consist of dosen of songs. In the medleys (first two songs) I've put the names of the included songs in lyrics tag. The sound varies from song to song i.e. the songs from '93 sound metal while the music in the song "Vi Ste Mi Dužni Za Život" is New Age by Blitz with grinding vocals. They never fitted in some "classic grindcore" mould. On the cover are mentioned two more songs from '88 (Falšanja Kol'ko'š Medley and Sajkunda/Something Bezveze), but are not on the record which is strange since there was enough space - the first side lasts 5 and the other 'round 14 minutes. Anyway, enjoy this as I have all these years.
P.S. You can find some Patareni videos on YouTube too.

Released: 1996
Label: Falšanja Kol'ko'š Records
Size: 49 MB

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01. Deadland Massacre
-Atentat Na Sluh
-... Po Parku
-Johnny Be Fuzz
-Ulični Batinaši
-Smradovi U Prolazu
-O.T.P. (Omladini Treba Pomoći)
-Dio Mase
-Obrij Me Majko Motornom Pilom
02. Gargling Buka Session
-Obey & Bay
-Legla Krava
-No Text
-Tu Smo/Najgori Smo
03. Endless Vacation (The Ramones)
04. Aleluja/Gladni Milion Godina (Traditional/The Fartz/Patareni)
05. Hey Jude (The Beatles/Patareni)
06. Žrtva
07. (Mi Smo) Lepi Dečki
08. Mozak
09. Najduža Stvar
10. Vi Ste Mi Dužni Za Život
11. Kondomat
12. In The Land Of Dead Gods
13. Destined To Lose A.D.



Gilberto vonMamerto said...

hey Hello, the Ex-Cathedra " x album" of mine files... was music combined tracks from "tartan material" and the "lp", sorry Mr.

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Politicos Muertos: lp 1997

Thank you!!!!


great blog man

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