Sunday, September 14, 2008

Contramenation s/t 7"

Contramenation were German anarcho punk band influenced with the UK bands from the 80s and they sound a bit "Subhumansish" to me. They sing in english because their singer is english (if I got it right, because that's written in german) and he writes the lyrics. It's funny to see that strong anti-CD attitude today, but I havent had CD player until '97 too. I think that this is their first record and it has one of my favourite record covers. Don't you just wanna slap this cop's face? I know I do.

Released: 1994
Label: Ziegenkopf Records
Size: 25 MB

01. Getting By
02. Merrygoround
03. Seventies
04. DIY Lobotomy
05. Big Mac
06. Vinyl Solution



Anonymous said...

Check out their second e.p. 'Contramenated' (in a big fold out collage cover), I reckon it's even better...

Anonymous said...

Big thanks for uploading this! I loved this band and haven't heard this is over 10 years!! KK