Saturday, September 20, 2008

Antidote "One Does Not Sell The Earth Upon Which The People Walk" 7"

Here's yet another anarcho punk post.
This time it's that famous The Ex/Chumbawamba collaboration. This bootleg followed soon after their "Destroy Fascism!" 7" in 1986 on Loony Tunes Records which is the only official release of theirs. Anyway, this 7" has 11 tracks that are under one minute long and it sounds like some tape they made in the practice room (it has that tape hum) and the sound is worse than on the official 7", but it's good nonetheless. And they say nothing good comes from bootlegging.

Released: 1986
Label: Agit-Pap Records
Size: 23 MB

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01. Fuck Off-Rip Off
02. Can't Think-Must Work
03. Flowers
04. instrumental
05. The Sun
06. Plastic Bullets
07. Money
08. R.T.Z. & B.P. ...Why?
09. Nuclear Power? No Thanks!
10. Uranium Bribery Never Fails
11. Why Can't We Sing Something Nice?



toxik boys said...

thanks man!, This is a good band. Cheers

irishdave said...

Thanks - I don't know what happened to my copy of this, so it's great to hear it again!