Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nula/Enough! split 10"

This was requested by Danijel, so here it is.
This split is a result of Nula european tour in '97 whose Polish part they did with Enough!.
Nula is Croatian anarcho hardcore punk band that marked nineties punk scene here (and basically in all ex-Yugoslavia). In 1994 they released 90 minute tape accompanied with the fanzine (you can find it here) of angry political music while the war was still a reality here (strange, but there wasn't d-beat bands outburst - hence the war). At that time the scene was pretty much dead. After the release of that tape the whole scene seemed to become alive with bands and zines popping up everywhere and that was really the golden age (in my opinion) of the ex-Yu scene. I could write alot more about them, but let's focus on this release. Here they offer 6 live songs recorded in Rostock on that tour with the last one being cover of Scuffy Dogs, the band from Slovenia whose drummer Sašo was driving the van and singing this song on tour.
Enough! are from Poland and they play slow and heavy crust with downtuned guitars that give them that Dystopia feeling. They also offer 6 of their songs (first three are melting one into another). The stuff on this split is from their 1st tape called "Darkside" that was only available in Poland. At the time of recording they had male and female vocalists (later just male).
The thing with this record is that the bands wanted to make a little reminder of the tour and also to put some of their "older" stuff on vinyl.

Released: 1998
Label: Humanita Nova / Malarie Records / Trujaca Fala
Size: 64 MB

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01. Nula - Tvoja Doza Mržnje
02. Nula - Demokracija
03. Nula - Pamet U Glavu
04. Nula - Nismo S Vama
05. Nula - Žrtve
06. Nula - Revolucija (Scuffy Dogs cover)
07. Enough! - Myśli Włóczone Po Bruku/Stop Życiu Start Śmierci/Manicheizm
08. Enough! - Ulice W Ogniu
09. Enough! - Zderzenie Świata
10. Enough! - Alarm



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Anonymous said...

I don't really think ENOUGH! played slow - heavy, yes, but it was fast crust most of the time, only except the intro and one other song, which were indeed slower... Anyways, it's worth to mention that this split containst only half of the original "Darkside" tape (which has 12 songs), so if someone really likes it, I recommend looking for complete tape-rip. And Tomek, their singer/guitarplayer later joined FILTH OF MANKIND for quite some years (being on most of their recordings so far)...

mikxxx said...

hey malisha..
do you have Nula / E.M.S. split?
if you say yes is my lucky day

Malisha Old 666 said...

Yes, i do have it. I'll rip it and make that the next post.

mikxxx said...

thanx a lot man
you're great