Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gout s/t 7"

This 7" was misplaced/lost somewhere in my record collection and now it popped out after quite a lot of years. It's not my cup of tea, but since the only thing that I've managed to google out about them is this I thought maybe it could be kind of rare and somebody was looking for this, so...
Thanx to Irishdave for filling in and making this post more than just a link. I'll just copy/paste what he wrote:
"I don't know much but here goes:
Gout were from my home town of Kilkenny and they started around then of 89 / begining of 1990. When I left Kilkenny it was for a few reasons but a crap music scen was one of them. Gout hadn't played at that time, but as they were more interested in the Dischord/ Fugazi D.I.Y. scene, while I was totally into the anarcho scene (and very narrow minded in musical terms) our paths never crossed. They were very good at getting bands to start playing in Kilkenny, Fugazi being one of them. They did two demos that I know of, and that single. I have been trying to find the members myself for a while, but drew a blank, as anyone interesting tends to leave Kilkenny asap."

Released: 1995
Label: D.I.Y.???
Size: 22 MB

01. For What It's Worth
02. Buyer Beware
03. The Snobbery Of Cool



irishdave said...

I asked my sister - who doesn't live in Kilkenny anymore either, and she reckons I was fairly "moon-faced"** over the bass player, and that if I *did* bully him at school, it was just to get him to notice me.
She reckons they were pretty good live though...
** moon-faced = had a crush on
BTW - I don't think I would have liked this when it came out, but it's not bad at all.

Malisha Old 666 said...

I've left out bullying part and have put just the stuff about the band as teen bullying can be pretty embarrassing afterwards.
I gave the 7" a go after all the years, but still nothing. It's OK but nothing that makes me move.

irishdave said...

Thanks to my sister, I now know that I didn't bully anyone in the band, it was one of their friends, who was from a very wealthy family. I was big into CLASS WAR, and I suppose you can guess the rest.
I'm too nice to be a bully!