Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pizda Materna "s/t" 12"

Pizda Materna were quite popular crust band here in the 90s. The members of the band were mainly from other slovenian band, Scuffy Dogs (who had more of a punk/ska/reggae thing going on) + female singer Lea and male singer Richard from Gorizia, Italy (who used to sing in Warfare?, run Nuclear Sun Punk records and sings in reformed Eu's Arse). This was supposed to be a 7" record, but due to pressing plant fuck-up it's 11 minutes long 12". They also had split LP with Brigade O.D. from Macedonia and split (live?) tape with Maggot Slayer Overdrive from UK which I don't have, so if someone has it, I'd like to hear it. I guess that's about all I can remember 'bout them. For more info read this Ripping Thrash interview with the female singer.

Released: 1997
Label: Jay-Walk
Size: 26 MB

01. Nič Za Prijavit
02. 30 Sekund
03. Brez Naslova
04. Življenje
05. Logika Profita, Logika Zločina
06. ...



Nečista Savjest said...

a đe su fotke ispred ogledala? i ona jel' to bila prišivka "samo mrtav policaj je lahko moj prijatelj"? (for crippled in the brain & only english speaking people, "only a dead cop can be my friend" ... sorta...) rock the noise malisha, i am right now at the phase i like to call (but you don't want to meet me when i am at it) vermouth driven to anarchy and more...

Nečista Savjest said...

uh jebote. sad sam pročitao što sam ti napisao, nekako mi se čini...erm... reklo bi se da sam pijan, al nemoj reć strancima ... hehe... ma reci sve, super mi je ovo ;)


Zrdavo matori... Nigde na blogu nisam našao tvoj mejl, pa se nadam da ćeš ovde videti šta ti imam reći :-) Hvala puno na komentaru za UB! - Live in SLO, iskreno, pojma nisam imao da je ovo tvoj blog i ako sam hrpu stvari sa njega poskidao! Tk kad si mi u komentaru rekao da smo bili zajedno na turneji skontao sam o kom se Mališi radi :) Blog ti je zaista jedan od boljih, i po dizajnu i po materijalu koji objavljuješ. Drugačije ne bih ni očekivao od stare klape, tj naše generacije :-) Puno te pozdravljam i nadam mse da ćemo se još nekad sresti i popiti koje pivo ili 2... I samo napred sa blogom! Željko (ex-UB! & TSP)

7inchcrust said...

cover picture is from the insert of Final Conflict/No Reason spit, check it here

Anonymous said...

Hi my friend,
just discover your great blog and obviously your great posts !!! thanx a lot for ripping pizda materna which are in my heart and giving the opportunity to listen to them when you don't have vinyl player anymore ;-)
I'm the guy who put out the mso/pm split tape back years ago. i'll try to rip it (don't have the material to do it) by someone and will give it to you for sure.
have a nice day and once again thanx for your great work, keep it up
stef calavera

Malisha Old 666 said...

Hi, Stef.
Thanx for the comment. I'm glad you found something you wanted. About the MSO/PM tape, thanx in advance for that. I'd really like to finally hear it, so Cheers.

Hobo said...

Thanks for sharing it!

I have their split with Brigade OD. Bought it on Analena gig in Riga around 2002, I think. Nice stuff.

And thanks for a blog too