Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crunch/The Sickoids split 7"

Here's requested Crunch's split 7" with The Sickoids too. As you could read in previous post Crunch are excellent fastcore band from Torino, Italy and The Sickoids are from Napoli and they play punk rock with some faster parts. I don't know much about any of the bands, but I'm sure that you could google out something more.

Released: 1995
Label: TOHC
Size: 38 MB

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01. Crunch - Macchinetta
02. Crunch - Furioso Zapping
03. Crunch - Collari
04. Crunch - Tre
05. Crunch - La Soluzione
06. Crunch - Mondo F
07. Crunch - Uole Laik
08. The Sickoids - Narks
09. The Sickoids - No Flags
10. The Sickoids - Family Jail
11. The Sickoids - War Victims
12. The Sickoids - Pissed Off Morals



Anonymous said...

skinuo. tenks!

RDS said...

Great. I love The Sickoids. I have a few vinyls and tapes. I'm tying to get their stuff in mp3 'cause I can't carry my LPs all over like a CD/mp3.
Do you have some more stuff from The Sickoids?

Anonymous said...

thanx mate, I found years ago this 7'' without the cover, so now thanx to your scan I can see it!