Monday, April 14, 2008

Budellam "Xung Vibrations"

First of all - the cover of the record gave me headache to patch it in photoshop and it ended up the way it is. I could not find better on the web either.
Budellam were
Catalan hardcore punk band from Barcelona and on this LP they offer their sort of melodic hardcore with few rockin parts and lots of tempo changes. When this was out there was quite a lot of good words for this record and they are legends over there as I found out on the web. I never got it why because it never hit the spot to me. Anyway, I gave it a shot again after quite a few years and again - nothing. It has some bright moments but it doesn't keep my attention for too long. Maybe that's because of the average lenght of the track being over 4 minutes.
This time I've recorded it, so this is for people that enjoyed and then lost/sold this record. I'll listen to HHH now to give my speakers a justice Catalan-hardcorepunk-wise.
Some members now play in Afganistan Yeye's that sound much better.

Released: 1993
Label: Macaco Records
Size: 104 MB

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01. El Rei Del Cul Vermell
02. El Gamarús
03. No Vull Ser Ningú
04. Ja No Queda Res
05. Fa Pudor
06. Bon Profit
07. Escolti Senyor Poli
08. Nascut Amb L'Embut
09. La Platja
10. Se Me'n Fot
11. Hey Joe

download part 1, part 2


irishdave said...

I'm enjoying this - never heard of it before, but the cover art looked really familiar - is the artist credited on the cover? It makes me think of Boz of Nosebleed / Steam Pig fame?

Malisha Old 666 said...

The artist is not credited, but since I've got a few Rejected records releases my expert eye sez I don't believe it's Boz.

Anonymous said...

the artist is ricard geladó a
drawning from la roca del vallès, the CATALAN village of budellam

Malisha Old 666 said...

You're right. I've written Basque instead of Catalan. Twice. Corrected it. Thanx anonymous.

RDS said...

If you don't like this one, maybe it's better if you try their LP "Nascuts per ser carn d'olla". That's a great Hardcore record!