Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cólera "Ataque Frontal"

I bought this LP in a record store and this is unofficial bootleg best of type of record (from 1982-1988 period). I bought it in 2000 I think and maybe that's when it was released, I wouldn't know.
Anyway, this is great way to get introduced to Cólera if you're not their fan already. The first side is early tracks and the other (last seven tracks) are from the later period.
If you don't know them, Cólera are one of the first Brasilian punk bands and first ones that toured overseas. They're making noise since 1979 until today. Gotta respect that.
Check out their web page for more info.

Released: 2000?
Label: Order & Progress Records
Size: 109 MB

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01. Suburbio Geral
02. Hhei
03. Qto. Vale A Libertade
04. Histeria
05. Subratos
06. Sarjeta
07. Violar Suas Leis
08. São Pãolo
09. Agir
10. Palpebrite
11. Duas Ogivas
12. Passeata
13. Vira-latas
14. De O Fora
15. Direitos Humanos
16. Vivo Na Cidade
17. Alucinado
18. Adolescente
19. Pela Paz Em Todo Mundo
20. TV
21. É Natal

download part 1, part 2

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