Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pink Turds In Space "The Complete Pink Turds In Space"

I almost forgot how great Pink Turds In Space were since I haven't listened to them for a few years now. One of the greatest Irish bands ever. And this is their complete works. So... What are you waiting for? Get it.
I'm not sure when this was out, but I guess it was around 1998. I haven't found out anything on the web either.

Released: ????
Label: Rejected Records
Size: 181 MB

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01. Indie Shit
02. Scratch Match
03. No More Secterian Shit
04. Oh No - Beer Frenzy!
05. Beanz Means Drough Bombs
06. Bazil Bastard Mc Ivor
07. Sickle Sell
08. Marijuana Paranoia
09. Apathy Rules
10. It Must Have Been (That Pastie)
11. Like To Be
12. Apartheid Kills
13. Ormeau Rd Spiderman
14. Christians
15. Ulster Says No / Blind Man
16. The Filofax Song
17. Blood Money
18. Eugene's Shop Hop
19. The Really Depressing Song
20. Jerusalem St. Nine
21. Eastenders
22. Dear Mr. Policeman
23. Wallis Cornetto
24. Stop It!
25. Hate You Forever
26. Medical Health
27. Des The Nazi
28. The Baliff
29. Teenage Kicks
30. Reclaim The Land
31. Angry Song
32. Dear Mr. Policeman
33. Jerusalem St. Nine
34. Eastenders
35. Rhonda's Song
36. Waiting To Die
37. 1st Demo (5 Songs)
38. Live In Dublin (6 Songs)

download part 1, part 2


durruti said...

Saw this band back in the day, but never saw this. Thanks!

Brendan said...

Fuck Yes!
I was a New yorker traveling and squatting in Belfast 20 years ago when I met some of these guys and got their tape. A year later I lost them. I haven't heard these songs since the 80's. Memories are flooding back. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Definitely one of the best bands back in the 80's/90's. Thanks for posting!

dhd said...

Oh sweet, I only had the first half of this. Wish I had the records :(

spacefreak said...

One of the best bands around during the late 80ies. We used to exchange letters and tapes while I 've been in SOUND POLLUTION, during the era. I've been told by their guitarist Marty, that their frontman Shane and Patsy, singer for TOXIC WASTE, took-off in a horse drawn wagon, to live the New Age Travellers life, back in 1987. Unfortunately I learnt that he died in 1998...

Malisha Old 666 said...

Yes, they surely have been among my favourites from the era. Sad to hear about Shane's death.

Marty2x said... for Pink Turds music and T-Shirts. Also Toxic Waste and Bleeding Rectum. Benefit for the new Warzone Collective.