Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Assfort/Chaos U.K. "The Dangerous Study" split 12" EP

Here I am at last. Summer lazyness is still in effect even though it's not so hot anymore. I finally made myself posting again. Sorry to those of you who waited for your comments to be published, but I forgot that I've enabled comment moderation due to heavy spamming from one fucking annoying blogger. I usually don't like this comment moderation stuff, but I was really starting to get pissed off and I don't want the fucker here anymore.
OK. Now... This time it's split of Japcore and UK punk legends. Each band delivers two songs and they rip all the way. Assfort are tight as usual and I guess that this is my favourite Chaos U.K. record and even though it's only two songs they are true dirty Röckin Nöiz just the way I like it. I guess that this EP is out of print and I just cannot find Vinyl Japan website. Also you can get Chaos U.K. songs on "Kings For A Day - The Vinyl Japan Years" on Anagram.
The sound level on this rip is quite off the scale because I cannot adjust volume on my USB phono pre-amp thingy (which sucks). But this is supposed to be cranked up all the fukken way up. If you don't already have this you mustn't miss it! Now go!

Released: 2001
Label: Vinyl Japan
Size: 21 MB

01. Assfort - Egoist Guidance
02. Assfort - Fairyland And Nonchalant
03. Chaos U.K. - Gone And Forgotten/Killa On Da Loose


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