Monday, August 3, 2009

Brigade O.D./Pizda Materna split LP

This picture LP will be something like the end of live trilogy of posts. Actually, only Brigade O.D. side and Pizda Materna's last song are live recordings.
Anyway, Brigade O.D. are from Skopje, Macedonia and they play really great raw metallic crust with gruff vocals. Let's say something in Hiatus vein which equals excellent, right? All of you who don't like live recordings don't be put off by that fact because this was recorded in MKNŽ club in Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia and there was always great sound there and a lot of bands released their live stuff from their shows in there. Doom's "Pissed, Robbed And Twatted" 7" and Schwartzeneggar's "Live In Slovenia" 7" come to mind.
Pizda Materna are from Slovenia and they play somewhat slower and psyched crusty punk. Here they offer three studio tracks and the last one is live (also from MKNŽ club) called Karaoke Punk and basically it's Exploited's "Sex & Violence" sung by some croatian punk as "Šeks and Valentić" (croatian politicians).
You can find more about Pizda Materna's music output in their last post, and I don't know much about Brigade O.D.'s releases except the track on Preko Zidova Nacionalizama I Rata comp. 7" and Smash The Army Before They Smash You! tape. I remember meeting singer Darko
with his wife and kids on Monte Paradiso festival in Pula just before he went to London and I believe that was the end of the band. I hope I'm wrong.
This was co-op release of 4 Italian and one of Croatian, French, Slovenian and Japanese labels. I think this was released in 1999, but it could be 2000 too. I'm not sure. There's also Brigade O.D./Pizda Materna split 7" that I've never seen with different songs than on LP released on Calavera from France.

Released: 1999
Label: ZAS Autoproduzioni
Size: 70 MB

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01. Brigade O.D. - No Control
02. Brigade O.D. - Live Your Life
03. Brigade O.D. - No More
04. Brigade O.D. - Real Dull
05. Brigade O.D. - What's Wrong With You
06. Brigade O.D. - Better World
07. Brigade O.D. - That Girl
08. Brigade O.D. - Double Play
09. Brigade O.D. - Intense
10. Pizda Materna - Izgubljeno Življenje
11. Pizda Materna - Skok V Prazno
12. Pizda Materna - Usoda Človeštva
13. Pizda Materna - Karaoke Punk




hey man great blog you have here!
is it possible to re up the GENOCIDE SS/VIVISECTION split?


irishdave said...

Hey - thought this blog might be of interest to you:


Nečista Savjest said...

Hehe, ovaj post mi je vratio pun qurac uspomena! BTW šta nije "Šeks & Valentić" oriđiđi od Trio Porcodio? Mora biti da je bilo Puljana u publici :)

Malisha Old 666 said...

Je, to je od Tria, a puljana je sigurno bilo kad im je Bistrica "pod nosom".