Sunday, December 20, 2009

Masskontroll/Heartline split 7"

Masskontroll as you know were Punks from Portland who thought that they're Swedes with Japanese parents and Heartline were I guess sure that they're from Czech Republic so they are screaming their side of this split in their native tongue. But all this bullshit doesn't matter. What matters is that this is nice piece of crust muzak and you should get it.

Released: 1994
Label: Malarie Records
Size: 27 MB

01. Masskontroll - Carrion
02. Masskontroll - Work Is Horrendous
03. Heartline - Volnost
04. Heartline - Poblij Systém!
05. Heartline - Stagnuj!



7inchcrust said...

fucking ace! thanks Malisha. Masskontrol included Kelly from Defiance, Detestation, Severed Head of State and myriad other bands

Anonymous said...

haah, točno kontam od koga si gro ploča nabavljao, respekt care:)

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a Re-upload?