Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Arxi Tou Telous "Thorivos"

After doing the B-day post with re-ups, the first music post (Siebensünden "En Kula Till Tröst" LP) made me think of ripping and posting Warcollapse's "Crust As Fuck Existence", but two mails that I got made me not to do it and happy because of it. The first mail was from Jalle of Siebensünden/Warcollapse/PAS-83 Productions saying that "Crust As Fuck Existence" is repressed on vinyl and is available from Insane Society - or from PAS-83 if you are from Sweden. So, if you don't have this classic - what are you waiting for?
The other mail was from Kostas of Arxi Tou Telous and as promised four posts ago, he sent me their new album titled "Thorivos" ("Noise" in english). You can read more about the band in their last post. I should listen this album one or two more times to give it a fair review and I'm already posting this after first listening, so there's nothing special to say at the moment than if you enjoy noise/post punk music - you should get this.
I don't know about you, but I really like these guys.
It seems that you are getting your dose of gloomy music after all. Enjoy.

Released: 2009
Label: DIY
Size: 67 MB

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01. Mesaionas (Dark Age)
02. Tuflos Sti Gaza (Eyeless In Gaza)
03. Ksespasma Misous (Burst Of Hate)
04. Arxi Tou Telous (Beginning Of The End)
05. H Gh Akoma Gurizei (Earth Still Turns Around)
06. Ksana Se Seira (Once In The Line Again)
07. To Xroma Tou Prosopou (Colour Of The Face)
08. Oloi Se Kuklo (Everyone In Circle)



Downsided said...

Ovo je sjajno! Hvala.

Malisha Old 666 said...

@ Downsided, i meni su ATT vrlo ugodno iznenađenje. Odličan bend.
P.S. Sretno sa blogom.

Downsided said...

E inace,postavio sam Stalingrad LP na blog.