Wednesday, January 28, 2009

URBN DK "Human Indifference" 7"

URBN DK was a hardcore band from Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. I've discovered them in 90s when their guitarist (if I remember right) contacted me for a reason that I don't actually remember (all my letters from that time are boxed at my fathers place). Anyway, he sent me this 7" and I loved it a lot (high quality patch from it is still on my old camo shorts) plus around the same time I got a tape from his friend and his band Bitchslap who also kicked ass and if I remember right they were supposed to have 7" out soon. I don't believe that I've made an interview with them for a zine that I did at the time which is a shame same as never buying another record of theirs (they had some stuff on Beer City Records that I saw on some ads in zines). Anyway, this 7" is really great hardcore record that ends with really great punk song that sounds like early 80s american punk bands. Excellent!
After the demise of URBN DK some members formed excellent grindcore band Despite.
And for the short history of URBN DK, this is what their MySpace page says:
Way back in 1980, URBN DK was born. They started off as a more punk rock style band being punk and snotty. As time went on URBN DK played out a lot and were a big part of the scene. Then they broke up. Around 1990 Bob (guitarist) got URBN DK back together. This time though his goal was not punk rock but fast blistering HXC. Many line up changes and many releases later, the URBN DK machine was put to rest...or was it?

Released: 1996
Label: Power Ground Records
Size: 25 MB

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01. Initiation
02. Your War
03. Blaag
04. Human Indifference
05. Landshark (Fang cover)
06. Conquer & Divide
07. New God
08. Nowhere



dino said...

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Zeljko said...

Zdravo matori :) Ne znam da li sad i ja tebi dugujem izvinjenje što kasnim sa odgovorom, ali bio sam 10 dana vani tako da... :) Vidjao sam se sa Nešom i Andreom jedno vreme dok su držali squat AP 13, a za Maju mislim da je u Londonu već duže vreme.. Nisam ja više toliko po Beogradu, tako da smo opet pogubili kontakt, ali vidim da Neša piči sa Nakotom do jaja! Za MP nisam siguran da li ću doći, iskreno i ne idem više baš toliko na svirke, vezan sam za neke druge poslove tako da nemam vremena... Radim sajtove i uskoro ću postati ''prljavi kapitalista'' jer otvaram Art-dizajn agenciju, ali bi svakako voleo da se vidimo i popričamo po koju ;) Biće valjda prilike.. Pošalji mi neke novije slike na mejl, čisto da te vidim, i da - pošalji mi linkove novijih hrvatskih bendova koji vrede da ih stavim na blog.. Vidim da i Kukatz radi prilično dobro, pozdravi ga ako ga vidiš.. Drži se. Stvarno mi je jako drago da smo se pronašli posle toliko vremena :) Pozz i čuvaj se

hellpunk said...

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Megan said...

Just came across your blog today. I've gone through a lot of it and really like what I've downloaded.
Keep it up!

sime, UK. said...

another great upload. thanks very much.

D NTZ said...

Ha. I remember Bitchslap - They stayed at my house in Pittsburgh and left fucking Bitchslap stickers all over everything...

Great site.

D NTZ said...

Nah - I never actually heard them - just met a couple of them and kept finding those stickers. They got real creative with where they put those stickers. I don't remember if there was a tape or a CDR or what. I'll look into it a little - cause I really don't have anything better to do on a sunday afternoon. I'll let you know here if I find anything...

Johan said...

Sorry about those stickers D NTZ but thanks for the hilarious flashback.

Bitchslap Bassist

EBOB said...

Awesome! URBN DK was a great, under appreciated hardcore band. They put out a bunch of good records in the 90's. Bitchslap was even more obscure than URBN DK. The Bitchslap tape you got was later released as a 7", you can check it out here:

URBN DK & Bitchslap also put out a split 7", which features one of URBN DK's best songs! Check it out here:

Rock on!