Sunday, May 31, 2009

Disagree/Ungovern-Mental split 7"

I haven't quit this blog if anyone was asking. I just didn't had much time to focus on it lately. I see that my last post doesn't hold the ground since the new mp3 host deleted my account too so the player is once again useless. Please if you have good mp3 host let me know ( just if it isn't or
The other part of reason for not posting is the usual lazyness, and that is also the reason why I'll just copy/paste the description of this single from the Profane Existence site:
Two intense punk bands from the thriving scene of Montreal. Disagree play fast, angry hardcore with dual vocals, incredible bass lines, and lyrics in English and French. Ungovern-Mental play crushing blasts of hardcore and whirlwind thrash.
You can find more info on Ungovern-Mental here.

Released: 1996
Label: Profane Existence
Size: 27 MB

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01. Disagree - Refuse To Obey
02. Disagree - Class War
03. Disagree - Sans Cesse Oppressor
04. Ungovern-Mental - The End Of Supremacy
05. Ungovern-Mental - Disgust
06. Ungovern-Mental - Nuclear Disaster
07. Ungovern-Mental - Fool's War


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7inchcrust said...

a new post at last :)
a PE release is always a must have especially when it comes from the old days, so thanks for this
i use Mediafire and 4shared, Divshare deletes everything in case of one file report. Megaupload is ok
there is also Easy-share and seems to be good