Thursday, April 2, 2009

Infekcja "s/t" 7"

After seeing that Infekcja are playing in London with Hiatus, Sedition and Cress in few days I remembered that I have their 7" and don't know how it sounds. When I pulled it out I realised why. I know that the cover matches their name (Infection), but come on... No wonder I was skipping it for so long.
Now that I finally got to play it I realised that I missed quite a few years of listening to Infekcja because their scandi crust really delivers. And the vocalist... really great.
Anyway, they come from Poland and this is their first 7" and if you need another great crust record in your collection this could be just what you're after.

If you'll be somewhere in the neighbourhood
, be sure to check them out on their tour that starts in few days. You can see the dates on their MySpace page. Enjoy.

Released: 1997
Label: Trujaca Fala
Size: 28 MB

01. Ziemia
02. Apolityczność
03. Wegetariański Świat
04. Jeszcze Więcej
05. Módlcie Się


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7inchcrust said...

cool band,they played here some weeks ago but i couldn't get there...:(