Friday, February 29, 2008

Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys "Shut Up And Drink"

First time I've heard SST was when I ordered an Oi Polloi tape from someone from Portugal's Inkisição and I got it with SST's "Demo '93" on the other side. I ended up listening to their 9 punk blasts few hundred times and only few listens of Oi Polloi.
Six songs from that demo (I guess) are on A side of this LP.
If their beer fueled political punk doesn't make you pogo when no one's looking - you're just not punk enough. Ha-ha. This is punk as fuck.
After the band broke up, SST's vocalist Simon moved to NYC and sang for the last line up of Distraught and when they broke up Thought Crime was born.
There was supposed to be SST discography on Profane Existence but I guess that's not gonna happen. They also had an EP on Swiss "Resistance Productions" label.

Released: 1995
Label: Profane Existence (drunk section)
Size: 57 MB

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01. Snort My Load
02. Beer
03. Burn The Flag
04. Smack Kills
05. Death Of The Press
06. When The Shit Hits The Fan (Circle Jerks cover)
07. John Tyndall
08. Phaze In Reality
09. Shut Up And Drink
10. Pro-Choice
11. Privitisation
12. More Beer


Thursday, February 28, 2008

HHH/Vitu's Dance "Homo Homini Lupus" split LP

Beware! Prepare! Spanish attack!
If I had to take 5 records to a desert island, this would surely be the first pick. I guess this is my favourite record from the 90s.
I remember first hearing it and that was it. I was in love with HHH's fast nobreakbetweensongs metallic hardcore punk. Vitu's Dance also kick ass. Bit more melody, but also very fast.
For HHH's (and related bands) discography go here, for bio you can go here and here. I couldn't find anything about Vitu's Dance except that they were from Vitoria, Basque Country.
If you want more of HHH go here.

The cover picture shows hideous
1919 lynch in Omaha, Nebraska.

Released: 1991
Label: Fobia-Duros Sentimientos
Size: 97 MB

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01. HHH - Intro (Flatus Vocis)
02. HHH - Ministero De Injusticia
03. HHH - Vida
04. HHH - Borracho
05. HHH - Esperanza Viva
06. HHH - Secuestro De La Verdad
07. HHH - Entrañas De La Patria
08. HHH - Prision Confortable
09. HHH - Jodida Actitud Normal
10. HHH - Caridad Prescindible
11. HHH - Solo Palabras
12. HHH - Cami Ral
13. HHH - El Heavy No Es Violencia
14. Vitu's Dance - Intro/Despertar
15. Vitu's Dance - Dos Mentes-Un Mundo
16. Vitu's Dance - Street
17. Vitu's Dance - A La Caza De Brujas
18. Vitu's Dance - Mi Generacion
19. Vitu's Dance - Uh??
20. Vitu's Dance - Cualquier Dia... Cualquier Dia
21. Vitu's Dance - Pasion
22. Vitu's Dance - Johny Juergas
23. Vitu's Dance - Esto Es Lo Que Quiero Que Veas
24. Vitu's Dance - Diles Que Se Vayan
25. Vitu's Dance - Ante La Ley


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Choice "Sadist Dream" 7"

I've stumbled across their MySpace page and seen that they are playing again. I never knew much about them, but on their web site I've found out that this was their only release with first line up and only proper release until this century. They released one 7" under the name "Sand" with an ex-Icons Of Filth bassist in 1992.
Anyway, this is classic 80s UK anarcho punk, and since it's not so well known I thought I may share it with you.

Released: 1983
Label: Riot City Records
Size: 23 MB

01. Sadist Dream
02. Nuclear Disaster
03. Cream Of The Crop


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kitchener "The Price Of Progression" 7"

For irishdave.
Blistering political UK hardcore.
Nuff said.

Released: 1994
Label: Flat Earth Recs/Nabate/Refusenik Records
Size: 27 MB

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01. Collective Intelligence
02. Self Denial
03. Development
04. Right To Choose
05. Punk-Rock Product/Language Of Hate
06. Fear
07. A Capitalist Dream
08. A Sharp Second In The Life Of A Barbed Wire Fence
09. ...


Monday, February 25, 2008

Bad Influence "Afterbirth" 10"

I don't think there's much to say about this Belgian band. You already know about them, don't you? Excellent moody crust in the good old Amebix fashion.
This was originaly released in 1994 on Genet records and this is 1995 pressing by Skuld Releases.
Seems that Baddies are back again. Check out their MySpace page.

Released: 1995
Label: Skuld Releases
Size: 80 MB

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01. The Fear
02. Destiny
03. When I... Fell Down
04. Domestic Life
05. Trapped In Reality
06. Prophecy Poem (Machine Mix)


Friday, February 22, 2008

SexA "Pussy In The Sky With Diamonds" 7"

This single was released to celebrate the first year of "Iz Sve Snage (With All Power)", the first independent record store in Zagreb where a lot of us bought one of our first hardcore, grind or punk records.
(Sedatives ex Apoteka (Sedatives from the Pharmacy)) were noise band from my hometown Zagreb. They started around 1980/81 and are often regarded as best noise band ever in ex-Yugoslavia and soon became a cult group.
When war broke out here, they've moved to Amsterdam, but soon disbanded. That was also due to many problems they had with local squatters who labeled them sexist and what not and they were blacklisted everywhere in A'dam. That was utter bullshit and they were one of most positive and active people in Zagreb's scene in the 80s.
Beside this single, they also had an album "Fuck Piction/No Sleep 'til Pussy" which are two recordings on one LP and a number of tape releases.
Famous Steve Albini was interested in producing their new material, but they have called it quits in 1992. He once performed their song "No Sleep 'til Pussy" with Shellac.
They've done some stuff later with different line-up and more industrial sound.
Here you can see three videos (Jeane! Jone!, No Sleep Till Pussy and Djevojčica(Girl)) from their "The Jeane Jone Story" VHS from 1991 that also contained some live footage, rehearsal outtakes and an interview.

Released: 1991
Label: Iz Sve snage
Size: 17 MB

01. Pussy In The Sky With Diamonds
02. Ti Dam Ja


Thursday, February 21, 2008

VA "The Boredom And The Bullshit" 7"

This compilation presents UK hardcore scene of mid 90s.
This was supposed to be 10", but due to a lot of fuck-ups and bands splitting the project was shaved off by 3"s.
See the tracklist and decide if you'll like it. I know I do.
This is the booklet cover. The outer cover was a paperbag with stamped name and a sticker with band names.
In the player is Voorhees song from the comp.

Released: 1995
Label: Refusenik
Size: 33 MB

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01. Kitchener - Prefabricated
02. One By One - An Alternative To What?
03. Pig Pile - Hapiness Is Fools Gold In A World Of No Emotion
04. Marker - Time To Burn
05. Marker - Do What You Want
06. Manfat - Wound
07. State Of Filth - Take It Back
08. Headache - Hate
09. Voorhees - What I'd Do
10. Stalingrad - Human Byproduct
11. Nerves - Caught Out Again


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stalingrad s/t picture 7"

Heavy and brutal screaming hardcore by this band from Bradford that featured Bri from "Doom" on drums. They had the most annoying style of writing everything (lyrics, songlist and info) in one column, so it's really hard to read anything. But anyway, they make it up by being sooo great.
I luvez it.
Here's their website.

Released: 1996
Label: Armed With Anger Records
Size: 25 MB

01 - The Politics Of Ecstasy/A Hanged Man Will Repent
02 - All Of The Day/In Death In Dreams


Monday, February 18, 2008

d'Rotzbouwen "Aspirine" 10"

Band from Luxembourg. Don't know much about them, but I remember buying this from people from the band Petrograd (also from Luxembourg, they released this on their Skank records - now defunct) and it got me from the first listen.
Great hardcore crustpunk with a bit of melody here and there. It sometimes gives me the feeling of last Hiatus 12", but nobody agrees with me on that one. Too bad I never bought anything else by them.

Released: 1998
Label: Skank Records
Size: 72 MB

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01. El Corrido Contra El Neoliberalismo
02. No Reason
03. It's All In Your Head
04. Visionen
05. Guillotine-Aspirine
06. Volpe
07. Mould
08. Red


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mushroom Attack/Forgotten Prophecy split LP

This great record preceeds the birth of two great bands. From the ashes of Holland's "Mushroom Attack", "Fleas And Lice" were born, and from Greek "Forgotten Prophecy (Xehasmeni Profiteia)" - "Hibernation".
That doesn't mean that these bands are not as good. No way. This record kills. Mushroom Attack also had split LP w/Disorder in '93 called "Masters Of The Glueniverse" which is also great and it has my favourite record cover ever. Here's a short info on them.
And Forgotten Prophecy, well, hear it yourself. You know what to expect if you are familiar with Greek crust bands.
Here you can find Forgotten Prophecy lyrics.

Released: 1991
Label: Loony Tunes
Size: 106 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Mushroom Attack - Revolt
02. Mushroom Attack - We Are Happy With Our Rats
03. Mushroom Attack - Consuming
04. Mushroom Attack - Mohawk Struggle
05. Mushroom Attack - Kill The Pigs
06. Mushroom Attack - Political Asylum
07. Mushroom Attack - Campaign For Non Violent Silly Dancing
08. Mushroom Attack - Violence
09. Mushroom Attack - The Fight Goes On
10. Forgotten Prophecy - Ateleiotos Dromos (Never Ending Road)
11. Forgotten Prophecy - Mythos Kai Pragmatikotita (Tale Or Reality?)
12. Forgotten Prophecy - To Megalo Spiti (The Big House)
13. Forgotten Prophecy - Anathema
14. Forgotten Prophecy - Heimonas (The Winter Song)

download part 1, part 2

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Terminus "News From Nowhere" 7"

Their last release (I think).

Released: 1996
Label: Campary Records
Size: 17 MB

01. News From Nowhere
02. What Do You Want From Me?
03. ...


Terminus "Into The Flames" 7"

One of the most underrated UK punk bands of all time.
Terminus were anarcho punk band from Scunthorpe. They started in mid 80s and have been around until late 90s (I don't think they exist anymore). Due to a lot of alcohol abuse (as confessed in Bald Cactus zine) they never practiced and gigged too much and had a lot of line-up changes making Mark Richards the only constant member.
Nevertheless they've managed to put out four 7"s and two LPs (that I know of) and contributed numerous benefit compilation tapes.
In 2003 came out "Graveyard Of Dreams" CD, a collection of singles plus The Specials cover "Do Nothing" for a tribute comp. LP that was supposed to be out on Ruptured Ambitions.

Released: 1992
Label: Campary Records
Size: 23 MB

01. Into The Flames
02. Bending The Rules
03. A New Tomorrow


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hibernation "Into The Silence Of Eternal Sorrow"

Haven't found this release on Skuld website, but Power It Up MySpace page says it's sold out, so I guess it's OK to post this.
This album is another masterpiece from these Greek gods of crust. Again powerful dark crust, now with added excellent female singer and synth. Can't help it, but each time I play this it always stucks in the player for two or three listens. 10 out of 10 Röckin' Nöiz points.
As a bonus on this CD is their "Loneliness" 7" from 2000.
You can still find this excellent release on various distros worldwide. It's well worth the money.
Here you can find English translations for all the songs from this release.

Released: 2003
Label: Power It Up/Skuld Releases
Size: 88 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Intro
02. I Fotia Tis Zois (The Fire Of Life)
03. Efialtes (Nightmares)
04. Niose Ti Dynami Sou (Feel Your Power)
05. Aionios Kyklos (Eternal Cycle)
06. Sti Siopi Tis Aionias Thlipsis (Into The Slience Of Eternal Sorrow)
07. Heimeria Narki (Hibernation)
08. Idio Telos (Identical Ending)
09. Horis Ilio (Without A Sun)
10. Ypokrinesai (You Pretend)
11. Fevgo (I'm Leaving)
12. To Minyma Toy Anemou (The Message Of The Wind)
13. Yalini Mitropoli (Metropolis Of Glass)
14. Syntrimia (Wrecks)


Monday, February 11, 2008

Hibernation s/t 7"

Heimeria Narki (or Hibernation in English) hail from Athens, Greece and play powerful and dark crust in the vein of Amebix, Antisect, Nausea and similar (well, the typical Greek crust) and they kick ass.
The band formed after demise of Chaotic End and Forgotten Prophecy. This 7" was their first effort. After this they had "Loneliness" 7" and
LP "Into The Silence Of Eternal Sorrow".
My favourite Greek band.
Here you have their fan MySpace page. This 7" (not this rip) also on 7inchcrust with more info and scans.

Released: 1997
Label: Malarie Records
Size: 26 MB

01. Xameno Paixnidi (Lost Game)
02. Antologia Twn Sapiwn (Rotten's Anthology)
03. Pisw Apo To Psemma (Behind The Lie)
04. Nekra Oneira (Dead Dreams)


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dawn Of Liberty "In Honour And Defence Of Mother Earth. To Hurt Her Is To Hurt Us" 7"

What a title!!!
I've hardly managed to found out anything about this band.
Dawn Of Liberty were from Neerpelt, Belgium and had only this 7" and 2 tracks on "A Vile Peace" and "Attack Is Now Suicide" compilation LPs. Members later formed hardcore/emo band Kosjer D.
The music is typical for that era. Hardcore punk with metallic guitar and lyrics about environment and that bad old system.

Released: 1987
Label: Hurry Records
Size: 27 MB

01. Learn
02. Major Injustice
03. Realise
04. Responsibility


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Contropotere "Il Seme Della Devianza"

Here by request. The second LP by Contropotere and second Skuld release.
As on every one of their releases Contropotere explore different approach to hardcore. Here you get more experimental (industrial?) music with inevitable hardcore bursts.
Not for the speedfreaks.

Released: 1991
Label: Skuld Releases
Size: 93 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. La Chiave Del Tempo
02. Templum Desertii
03. Clonazione
04. Baghdad (La Morte In Diretta)
05. Uragan
06. U.S.P. (Uniformita' Sociale Precostituita)


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Acid Rain Dance "Melting Resistance" 12"

Excellent German metallic hardcore punk. Lots of breaks and changes in the course of songs. Great music here. Luv this. Skuld 008.

Released: 1993
Label: Skuld Releases
Size: 48 MB

01. Intro/Club
02. Don't Ya
03. No. 11
04. Pro Kopf
05. Starrheit


Monday, February 4, 2008

A38 s/t 7"

Another band that I found out about in Arnie zine by Simon Gane, the greatest punk cartoonist ever in my opinion (in the nineties there was nowhere to turn around without seeing his drawings, even in my comics zine "Smack" that I did at the time - thank you Simon).
As I can remember from their interview these drunks are from Bristol too and they called themselves after a road where Ian Stuart (Skrewydriver) died and where's most cider farms in the UK. They also had split LP with Police Bastard the same year as this 7" and that's all I know about them.
This is not political, more Sex Pistols-ish (is that a word?) attitude, but it's chaotic and fun.

Released: 1995
Label: Into The Vortex
Size: 18 MB

01. Georgie
02. All Stacked Up
03. I Hate What You Like
04. What Love Is (The Dead Boys cover)


Sunday, February 3, 2008

Listen to Röckin' Nöiz vinyl while browsing!!!

From now on you can scroll down in the Singingbox music player and on the bottom of the playlist is one song from each one of my vinyl rips starting with Siebensünden's song Förbannad Lögn.

Substandard/Nerves split 7"

Substandard from Nottingham play fast and angry anarcho punk which reminds of (not sounds like) Conflict. There's their discography LP on Ruin Nation Records. A must have.
Nerves from Leicester are more punkish hardcore. Also excellent. Had to rip this before the record becomes all crackles (too much listening on a bad turntable when I bought it).

Released: 1994
Label: Inflammable Material
Size: 20 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Substandard - Rostock
02. Substandard - Discount
03. Substandard - Two Nations - Panic Stations
04. Nerves - Bits
05. Nerves - Mansize
06. Nerves - Sussed?


Friday, February 1, 2008

Scapegoats "Kopflos E.P."

Another one-hit-wonder gem from the 80's. Excellent German hardcore punk band that only had this release. What I have is official 1997 reissue on Peace Punk Records from Japan.

Released: 1985
Label: Disonance Records
Size: 21 MB

01. Die Welt
02. Du Selbst
03. Gestapo-Staat
04. Kopflos
05. Wenn Die Bombe Fällt


Inzest "Another Religion..... Another Violence" flexi 7"

Japanese thrashers playing at breakneck speed with crazy aggressive vocalist and a singalong. Insane would be better name for them. Short info on this short lived band in Encyclopaedia Metallum.
(While I was searching for some info I've seen that this was already posted on 7inchpunk, not my rip of course. Oh, well.)

Released: 1987
Label: self released
Size: 16 MB

01. Endless Money War
02. Human
03. Disruption
04. The New Religion - Maniac Believer



I've moved my uploads from DivShare to ADrive because of DivShare's 50GB a month download limit (thanks to Nečista Savjest and 7inchcrust for a heads-up). So, all my stuff will be available for download from now on from ADrive. They say that it supports Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, so if you have some other browser try to dl something new and let me know if it works with your browser or I'll have to look further.
I'll move my older posts there too bit by bit.

It's paying off

Just wanted to say thanx to people for commenting my posts more and more. Feels much more worth doing this.
Small thanx from a wo/man, a giant wind in the sails for Röckin' Nöiz.