Monday, May 5, 2008

Warpath/Jim Jones Party Mix split 7"

...And Now Back To Our Programming.
If somebody noticed, I've been gone for two weeks that I spent on the coast (one week working and one week doing nothing). Glad to see the number of visitors still going up and some new comments appeared. Thanx.
So, what we have here is a split 7" of two US bands that I bought just because it had Simon Gane's drawing on the cover. I knew nothing about the bands and still I cannot find out anything about Jim Jones Party Mix (except that they were from Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin), and I've managed to find Warpath's MySpace page and some more info. They were queercore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and they also had split 7" with Population Control, their side on 4 way split 2x10" compilation called "Fear Persuasion Violence Obedience" with Capitalist Casualties, Cripple Bastards and Masskontroll. There's gonna be discography CD out too. JJPM play political hardcore punk.
At the time when I bought this I was very happy to hear the Warpath singer shouting "fuck you I'm queer" as there wasn't too many anti-homophobic songs that I've heard since Oi Polloi's "When two men kiss".

Released: 1995
Label: self-released (Warfear Collective)
Size: 26 MB

01. Warpath - Needless Brutality/Kill For Peace
02. Warpath - Abomination
03. Jim Jones Party Mix - Anarchist Anthem
04. Jim Jones Party Mix - Soldout System
05. Jim Jones Party Mix - Victims Of Apathy



Papst Benedikt XVI said...

nice you´re back! I eventually can offer the split 7" with POPULATION CONTROL. eventually as I know I had it but I´m not sure if I still do and I´m to lazy to check it right know!

Malisha Old 666 said...

Yes, it would be nice to hear the split as this is the only stuff that I've hard from them. If you still have it of course. Hanx.

Bettercore said...

I have the other two records (population control split and the 2x10 comp), but they are not as good as this recording. Warpath/JJPM was the first record I bought when I was 10 and I still play it all the time! Definitely one of my top 10 records. Thanks for uploading the .mp3 format!

Anonymous said...

For more info about JJPM go to myspace and look up the band Brass Tacks from Madison , WI. The singer for that band was also the singer for JJPM.

Anonymous said...

the drummer from rainer maria used to be in the jim jones party mix.

Anonymous said...

Papst Benedikt XVI ....

have you uploaded that population control split yet? ive been tryin to find it again for many years

Anonymous said...

your questions are welcome!...
I played with the JJPM!
drop me a line\

mikxxx said...

i don't know a fucking thing about jjpm but i checked out brasstacks and while i'm searching in blogs for albums of them i found out that a greek neo-nazist blog have one album of the band saying "good american patriots etc"...


nice political "views" for that singer(the fucking fucker)

neo-nazism is a fucking plague nowadays