Friday, May 9, 2008

Man In The Shadow s/t 7"

"Emoish" band from Slovenia. Knew the guys when they were playing, but don't know what's happening with them now. One of the few such bands that I liked.
Oh, yes! I've reordered the songs in the player. It makes more sense to have new post's song on the top of the player, doesn't it.

Released: 1997
Label: Jay-Walk
Size: 24 MB

01. Lažnivec
02. 6 Milijard
03. Rez Britve
04. Prepad



Anonymous said...

Man in the shadow were a very good band fromoSlovenia and they exist from 1996 to 2000. they published 7inch, caseth and discography CD.
The members are sttil active in others bands in slovenia(Analena, Entreat::)GOOD anarcho emo crust.

Anonymous said...

Yes,a really good band from Nova gorica in slovenia. They publish two 7inch. First for Jaywalker, a label from Maribor and second for Choose life records, guy who played guitar for Man in the shadow run that label. They also put out a caseth and discography CD. The members were also active in local scene, organizing gigs, fanzins(13.brat).
Get there music and scream.

Anonymous said...

Miran (guitar)are now in Analena and run a label Moonlee records, Marko (vocal) & Valter (bass) are organizing gigs at Mostovna club (Nova Gorica) under 13.brat collective.