Sunday, May 11, 2008

Disrupt/Nausea "Tech.No.Logic Cancer" split live LP

Bootleg time!!!
I bought this thing in a local shop somewhere around year 2000 I think. The cover says it's from Cuba with the address of Into Paul Ndez (a name?, a label?) and it's printed in 189 copies only. God, I love this stuff. Oh, yes! And on the record there's no serial numbers from the manufacturer 'cause they're scratched. And I wonder why there's no more info about this release on the web.
Anyway, it says the Disrupt stuff is live in Europe 1993 and Nausea is live in the USA 1990. This was a nightmare to rip because the tracklist of Disrupt was totally wrong and I've quit on splitting all Nausea songs 'cause they sorta melt one with another. What could make this more interesting is Disrupt song Shut (if I've understood the singer correctly) that's never been released anywhere else as far as I know.
The sound is not too bad, so enjoy.

Released: ????
Label: Into Paul Ndez
Size: 108 MB

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01. Disrupt - Smash Divisions
02. Disrupt - Complaint
03. Disrupt - A Life's A Life
04. Disrupt - We Stand Corrected
05. Disrupt - G.A.M.E.
06. Disrupt - Same Old Shit
07. Disrupt - God Fearing Citizen
08. Disrupt - Shut
09. Disrupt - Crusade Of Fanaticism
10. Disrupt - Trapped
11. Disrupt - Crock O' Christian
12. Disrupt - Dog Eat Dog
14. Disrupt - Body Count
15. Nausea - Tech.No.Logic.Kill/Inherit The Wasteland
16. Nausea - Cybergod
17. Nausea - Battened/Butchers/Self Destruct
18. Nausea - Godless/Clutches

download part 1, part 2


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this is fuckin great! and nice work from you! thanks. :)

Pablo said...

ThanX for SHARE!!!.


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