Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Riot/Clone "Do You Want Fries With That?" LP

Riot/Clone were anarcho punk band that started playing in 1979, then disbanded few years later, reformed in 90s and split up again few years back when the original singer moved to USA. The rest of the band carries on as Refuse/All. I've never had anything else by this band, but I've came across a review that says that this album is their best effort and I'll believe that. This record is entirely dedicated to animal liberation and it kicks the butcher ass. It starts with the dub track with animals on vocals (yes, that's right) and ends the same way too. Just read the titles of the first and last song. The album rages from the beginning 'till the end altogether with spoken word tracks and it also has some catchy tunes too. I'm singing Hillgrove for three days now. You'll find some of the best animal liberation songs ever here.
You can find more info on both Riot/Clone and Refuse/All here.

Released: 2000
Label: Tribal War Records
Size: 88 MB

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01. Let The Animals Speak...
02. Stop The Slaughter
03. For What?
04. Cannibals Of The Western World
05. Ode To Johnny
06. Dapple Rose
07. Rhyming Cutlets
08. Hillgrove
09. Oi Mush, No!
10. Tales From The Riverbank
11. Twats' Entertainment
12. Fast Food World
13. Skippy Goes To Sainsburys
14. One Struggle, One Fight
15. ...Then Reflect On Humanity's Guilt


Sunday, October 26, 2008

VA "Mind Pollution" LP

This is a compilation LP from Words Of Warning label located in Bristol, UK. It was in my opinion one of the best labels out there. In the beginning they've put out mostly punk and hardcore bands with some of my all time favourite releases like Oi Polloi's "In Defence Of Our Earth" LP and Resist's "The Solution... Revolution", also some Terminus stuff. Later, they've also put out stuff from hip-hop, techno (Autonomex - see the last post), psychedelic... artists. Such wide taste for musical styles is presented here on this LP. Beside the above mentioned bands, here's also one technoish track and some plain weird stuff and this is where I'll stop. Explaining what kind of music is something that was never my cup of tea. Coffee, actually. Just download this and let the music do the talking.
You can find second Mind Pollution compilation on Eclectic Rhythm.

Released: 1991
Label: Words Of Warning
Size: 111 MB

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01. Herb Garden - Shit On Me 02. Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys - Burn The Flag 03. Rectify - Nightmare Of Reality 04. Cowboy Killers - Tick Tock 05. Terminus - We're Dreaming 06. Blaggers ITA - New York 08. Vampire Rodents - Success 09. Hopeful Monsters - Mirror Mirror 10. Resist - Insanity 11. Oi Polloi - Americans Out 12. Lunch Head - Through The Wire 13. Academy 23 - Gay And Proud 14. Four Sons - Fox And Hound 15. Therapy? - Bloody Blue 16. Internal Autonomy - Rave In Resistance 17. Random Killing - Deja Vu

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Internal Autonomy "Only You Have The Power" 2x7"

This double 7" is PE's 10th release and it brings quite good UK anarcho punk with a post punk touch. I don't know much about this band. Found out that they also had "Love & Life" 7" and "Inquiry" LP on Recordrom Records (you can find it here). They sounded different on each of their releases and were not afraid to step out of the anarcho punk waters and explore new sounds. They later changed their style to anarcho dance, tekkno, dub and changed their name to Autonomex and had some releases on Words Of Warning. Their techno affair also carried anarcho punk spirit with sampling Crass and south american anarchist brooadcasts. Well, that's about all I know. Please do fill in with comments if you know more about this anarchist combo.

Released: 1992
Label: Profane Existence / Dying Earth
Size: 40 MB

01. What's It Coming To?
02. Faith
03. Storm
04. Death To Discipline
05. Nostalgia?


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Those Who Survived The Plague "A Plan To End All Plans" LP

This is the last album by this Austrian punks. This sounds much better to me now than when I bought it. It's kinda melodic hardcore punk with female vocalist and the only melodic punk that I've listened at the time (and pretty much now too) was NOFX's album Ribbed, Petrograd, Peace Of Mind and Quarantine (as much as I remember). Anyway, if you're into that type of stuff this would be highly recommended. Two of the members now play in another melodic punk band called Brambilla.
Here you have some kind of discography page of theirs.
BTW, this is the first rip with the new record needle so the rips will be better from now on. Enjoy.

Released: 1998
Label: Sacro K-Baalismo / Jurassic Punk Records / Ick Hör Watt Rec.
Size: 86 MB

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01. Be-Bomb-A-Loo-La
02. 357-Eight
03. Nobody Told Him Fish Can Swim
04. Heat II
05. Books
06. Die Like A Dog
07. Document #2
08. Down With Jones
09. Doc Murphy
10. Solutions
11. New Era
12. Wimpgewächs
13. Colors
14. Be-Bomb-Deluxe


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Distress "Put U Raj" 7"

This is not Distress from Saint-Petersburg, Russia that's active now, this is band from Belgrade, the capitol of ex-Yugoslavia and now Serbia, that was active in early 80s. Distress (together with Solunski Front and Necrophilia) were the part of the first wave of hadcore bands from Belgrade. Until 1982 they were called Herpes Distress. They were influenced by early Finnish hardcore punk bands like Rattus, Kaaos and Bastards. During their existence they shared the stage with some of the all-time greats that played in ex-Yu like Rattus and B.G.K. in 1984. They were one of the few ex-Yu hc punk bands that managed to get some studio time because the producers from the studios were state puppets and state didn't liked punk very much. This is the stuff from that session and it waited 12 years to be released on vinyl. One of the more notable appearances of theirs was on the World Class Punk compilation tape done by Mykel Board from MRR. Well this was short version of bio from the 7" and now go grab this killer record because you'll have hard time to get the vinyl 'cause there were only 200 copies pressed.

Released: 1996
Label: No Time To Be Wasted Records
Size: 26 MB

01. Izdaja Ljudskih Prava
02. Sutra
03. Rat
04. Put U Raj


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kurort "Oslo" 7"

Austrian band that was quite popular in mid 90s. Their name was popping out everywhere and that's why I bought the 7". The music is quite intense hardcore with sometimes bit melodic sound. I like this more now then when I bought it. This was the second release of Belgian label Conspiracy Records. Never knew that the label is so big. On their blog they say: "Conspiracy Records is a label, online store, booking agent and distributor", and when you see some of the names they carry - wow!!! Their third release, Kurort's "Miss Fitness USA" LP is still available from them.
Kurort have MySpace page done by "a friend who runs this profile to keep them in memory". You can find six more songs and two videos there.
P.S. This is what I've found on
Conspiracy Records' blog. Check it out. Another Austrian talent. This made my day.

Released: 1996
Label: Conspiracy Records
Size: 28 MB

01. In Flammen
02. Einheitsreigen
03. Los'n
04. HIV


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Telefon "Háková Panenka" LP

This Czech band gave me a headache. First of all, the record has no tracklist, just little TVs with the lyrics inside (maybe there is a song title or two in them, I can't tell). Second, these TVs are not in order - but all mixed up just to make it even harder to follow (and therefore split the tracks). Just see the second picture. That's why I've named the songs with the numbers. Third, I've found nothing on the web about them, just Filip from See You In Hell recommending this LP as one of 10 Czech records to buy. I don't like this "arty" - let's annoy that sad twat that bought the LP - type of covers.
And the music... It's quite good actually. It's sung in Czech and it's kind of NoMeansNo-ish (as I've mentioned before, I suck at describing music) and maybe a touch of Melt Banana, but I'm not sure 'cause it's been over ten years since I've last heard them. Get it? I guess not.
OK, I'll stop now before I embarrass myself even more. Try it. It's good. Malarie Records should be quality proof.

If there's someone that knows more about this band please do fill in with comments.

Released: 1998
Label: Malarie Records
Size: 87 MB

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01. 1
02. 2
03. 3
04. 4
05. 5
06. 6
07. 7
08. 8
09. 9/10
10. 11
11. 12/13
12. 14
13. 15
14. 16
15. 17
16. 18
17. 19
18. 20


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Oppressed "Fight For Your Life: The Best Of The Oppressed"

This post is due to the fact that after 11 years I've cut off my dreadlocks. It's the perfect opportunity for some Oi! time!
As first Oi! post I wanted to post Hard Skin but it seems that everything is still in print, so The Oppressed will do more than fine as a substitute. If you don't know this Cardiff crew you can read a bit 'bout them here or more here.

Released: 1996
Label: Dojo Limited

Size: 138 MB

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01. Victims
02. Work Together
03. Run From You
04. Joe Hawkins
05. Don't Look Back
06. Urban Soldiers
07. Magistrate
08. Ultra Violence
09. Gun Law
10. Riot
11. Government Out
12. Fight For Your Life
13. Leave Me Alone
14. Skinhead Girl
15. Evil
16. We Can Do Anything
17. Skinheads In Stapress
18. Hurry Up Harry
19. Substitute
20. Nazi Nightmare
21. B-N-P (Full Of Shit)
22. Nazi Skinhead

download part 1, part 2

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Unamused "Haven't You Been Deceived " LP

Unamused was political band from Portland, Oregon, USA. They had two 7"s and this LP and that's about all I know about them. Funny enough, that's all that their ex-bassist Todd knows too! He's doing their MySpace page but there's not much more info than here. They existed from 1991-93 and when they disbanded the members teamed up with the leftovers from two more legendary Portland anarcho punk bands Deprived and Resist and formed the mighty Defiance that made THE punk album of the 90s.
The drumming style (beating the snare twice) reminds me of an short-lived band of mine with Vice (formerly of Apatridi) drumming.
This LP was relased by now defunct Allied Recordings run by John Yates who also run Stealworks which did numerous covers for hardcore punk releases (Alternative Tentacles releases were my first contact with his work), books and what not. Produced by Slayer Hippy of Poison Idea fame.
Intro is not on the LP tracklist, but I've split it into a separate song.

Released: 1992
Label: Allied Recordings
Size: 76 MB

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01. Intro
02. Welcome To Amerikkka
03. We Don't Want
04. Boycott
05. The Ignorant
06. Haven't You Been Deceived
07. Revolution
08. Conmen
09. Freedom For A Price
10. Police
11. It's Not Enough
12. No Need For Cruelty
13. Segregation
14. The Symbolic Farce


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Naked Aggression "Right Now" 7"

During the 90s these hollywood anarcho punks have been working their asses off and have been quite active touring, doing benefit gigs and recording. Their love for activist/political side of punk was shown when they cheated their way into Bullshit Detector 4 compilation done by swiss label Resistance Productions, Loony Tunes and two more. The thing with the Bullshit Detector compilations (same as 3 previous on Crass records) was that the bands on it had to have no previous vinyl release so they appeared on it by changing their name to Naked A's (that song later appeared on split 7" with Aus-Rotten). Clever.
Anyway, this is great band carrying some fine tunes and I used to listen to them quite a lot.
The 7" is untitled (on the cover) but the label site says it's called Right Now after the first song.
Here's their website, but I'm not sure if they're doing it since its quite uninformative / incomplete discography etc...
Here's live video from this year's gig in Köpi, Berlin.

Released: 1995
Label: Campary Records
Size: 22 MB

01. Right Now
02. Revolution Is On The Way
03. Revolt
04. Anthem