Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New blog to check out

I've forgot to give you a heads up for this blog for over a month now, but here you finally are.
"Totalno Sam Ljut" is blog done by Jule and Hoc from Pula, Croatia, which is, as I've already said before, my favourite town in Croatia when it comes to punk. Now, these two guys alone make quite a big chunk of bands that come from Pula in the last 20 years since they're quite hiperactive when it comes to making music. And now they've put their musical efforts for us to enjoy together with some of joke bands of theirs (or joke sinchronisations), but their "real" bands are true gems there. If you're familiar with some of their bands like Desinence Mortification, Bolesno Grinje, Anti Otpad etc. you know what to expect.
The blog name comes from the title of Anti Otpad's killer album and the blog itself is written in croatian, so if you're not from around here, you'll have to stick with some translator to read the band bios.

Totalno Sam Ljut

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