Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Peace Of Mind/Anomie split LP

This record was a bit of surprise for me because both bands on it are not my usual cup of tea and I ended up loving both of 'em. Both bands were quite "soft" for my taste back then and Anomie were of the emo bunch which I never could fully digest, but this record led me to buying two more LPs and an 7" of P.O.M. and unfortunately only one 7" by Anomie. I cannot rationally explain why I love both of these bands, but if you ever get a chance to buy something by them I cannot recommend it enough.
You can notice in the tracklist that two of the songs are done by AnomiePeaceOfMind which was supposed to be collaboration of both bands, but ended up only with Anomie people and Jobst from P.O.M. due to other bandmates not being able to make it. Also the song "I Want My Life (And I'll Get It!)" is labeled "Disconcience" in the booklet if this means anything to anyone.

Released: 1995
Label: World Upside Down / Ape Records
Size: 95 MB

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01. Peace Of Mind - Part
02. Peace Of Mind - Education
03. Peace Of Mind - Communication Is Strength
04. Peace Of Mind - We're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister cover)
05. Peace Of Mind - Anarchy
06. Peace Of Mind - Repression
07. Peace Of Mind - Rotten
08. AnomiePeaceOfMind - I Want My Life (And I'll Get It!)
09. Anomie - ...Chercher Des Solutions...
10. Anomie - Les Liens
11. Anomie - Rôle
12. Anomie - Le Paraître
13. Anomie - Acoustica
14. AnomiePeaceOfMind - Afraid


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mikxxx said...

some guys of Anomie also played for An Atta that made a split 7'' with Active Minds