Saturday, July 23, 2011

Youwretch "Youwretch" EP

Another contribution I got (almost 5 months ago - sorry for that) is from Fan The Flames Records with links for Youwretch and Lord Green releases. I don't have intention to publish reviews for everything I get through the mail, but since I am totally lazy lately and Fan The Flames Records seem to have really good bands under their wing I am happy to give them a couple of reviews. Look out for their releases.
Youwretch is Minneapolis based hardcore punk band that sound a bit like stoner brothers of Tragedy (without too much of the stoner bit) and this is their debut EP. They are currently working on songs for their upcoming full length and if you are from their hometown, you can get a physical copy of this EP at Extreme Noise Records.
Fan The Flames Records' page says that a limited run of 7" vinyl is in the works, but I don't know if it has already been released or not.
Band links here, here and here.

Released: 2011
Label: Fan The Flames Records / Forward! Records
Size: 22 MB

01. Confront
02. Exhume
03. Failure And Worship
04. The Rider


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