Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lord Green "Last Demo"

This is the second band that Fan The Flames Records sent for review.
Lord Green is Quad Cities, Illinois based band and they play hardcore mixed with sludgy parts which is winning combination if you ask me.
This is their last demo from the series of couple of them and the demo opens with slow, heavy, sludgy instrumental track and then goes to hardcore punk hell with buzzing bass and then again sludgy parts here and there (ha-ha, another marvelous piece of music review, courtesy of me).
All in all I love this a lot and it is great ganja fuelled stoner punk with tracktitles like Higher Than God as proof of that (even though that is one of the faster tracks).
If you want more info, here are their web and MySpace pages and if you wanna buy the tape, go here.

Released: 2011
Label: Fan The Flames Records
Size: 62 MB

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01. Flying
02. Losing The Race
03. Fucked In Every Direction
04. We're Fucked
05. Into The Sun
06. Higher Than God
07. Dropping Out
08. Hook, Line, And Sinker


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