Wednesday, June 15, 2011

VA "Lifeline From Beyond The Grave"

This is the first from the two compilations that Kostas sent and it is done by B24 label that he is involved into.
First of all, I'll get out of the way all the stuff that I don't like with web releases such as this one. The bitrates on the tracks vary from 128 to 320 kbps, but that is not the biggest issue. It's the different loudness levels between the tracks. If it was be adjusted, it could be much more enjoyable.
OK, now to the good part. This compilation gathers various music styles, from metal, hardcore punk to doom and experimental.
I'm not big fan of experimental(ish) music (even though after a couple of listens A Sun Gone Black track starts to appeal more to me), and if I'd have to pick my favourite bands on the compilation it would be Per Capita, MeinhoF and my favourite punishment for ears: Potop from Macedonia.
I've embedded the links of all the bands' MySpace pages in mp3 tags, so, if you wanna check out more...

Released: 2010
Label: B24
Size: 50 MB

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01. Far End Echo - Sundance
02. Depressor - Lord Of The Flesh
03. Snuff Film - OMGWTF
04. Wormhead - Leucochloridium Paradoxum
05. Per Capita - Erased By Authority
06. A Sun Gone Black - Crescent Blackout
07. MeinhoF - A.A.C.A. (Anarchy And Chaos Association)
08. Potop - 3
09. Stink - Pigs In Control
10. Mother Disobedience - Muttertag


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