Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nula/E.M.S. split LP

As requested by Mikxxx, here's split LP by Nula from Croatia and E.M.S. (Ego Means Survival) from Austria.
Nula were flagbearers of 90s anarcho punk scene in ex-Yu and you can read a bit more about them in the last Nula post. This is their last release if I'm not wrong because they had a long break and now are gigging again. Here they offer six of their songs which were also released on tape as split with Bagger who contributed their side of split LP with Lieselotte.
And for E.M.S., I'll do a bit of copy/paste from pages of their Bloodshed666 label.
E.M.S. were band from Waidhofen/Ybbs in Lower-Austria and they were influenced by the austrian d.i.y.-punk/hardcore-scene in the mid-90ies with bands like Kurort and Those Who Survived The Plague who had a big impact on the bands development, their way of working and their political positions. On this LP they present their old school stylish powerviolence / melodic hc / emo-core - mixture.
Oh, yes! If you're wondering who's the punk skeletor on the cover, it's Vedran, the drummer of Nula and Radikal Dub Kolektiv.

Released: 2001
Label: Paranoia!, Trujaca Fala, Terrorrecord, Humanita Nova, Bloodshed666
Size: 97 MB

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01. Nula - Znaj Za Kraj
02. Nula - Vidija San...
03. Nula - Ispiranje Mozga Otvoreno Non-Stop 00-24h (Sva Sreća Da Nemam Ni Jebene Kinte U Džepu)
04. Nula - Put
05. Nula - Zlo
06. Nula - Krivi Smo
07. E.M.S. - Kleinbürger
08. E.M.S. - Hiebe
09. E.M.S. - The Saw Is Family
10. E.M.S. - I Hate
11. E.M.S. - Der Mensch, Des Menschen Wolf / Wrath (Sommerhit '99)
12. E.M.S. - Freiheit
13. E.M.S. - Einfach Wegschauen
14. E.M.S. - Tod / Amok