Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arxi Tou Telous "Live Sto Polytexneio"

Since I've been quite lazy lately it's great to get a contribution for the blog, so thanx to Kostas for contacting me with the stuff from his band Arxi Tou Telous. They hail from Athens, Greece and the members are Giannis (vocals), Kostas (guitar), Panos (bass) and Vaggelis (drums).
There's rarely any new stuff here, but this one is recorded just one month ago. What Kostas sent me is this live recording of their gig from the technological university of Athens which was held on 16/9 where they shared the stage with Witch Hunt, Hibernation and No Way Out. As I've already mentioned a couple of posts ago, I'm not much of a fan of live recordings, but this one is quite well recorded and gives good insight in bands' sound. The music is that gloomy dark hardcore post punk in that good old way only greeks do it. This is first release on their own B24 label/distro. They mostly do tapes and have already published three more releases with noise / no wave / experimental bands from Greece. They could wind up here too and if they are as good as this release you should definitely check it out.
You can contact the band here: or through their MySpace.
Here's what they wrote about themselves:
Arxi tou telous means "the beginning of the end", we've chosen that name because we wanted a way to explain our theory about life, we believe that a circle,in which every single spot is the beginning and the end at the same time, represents the way in which people grow up and die (giving their place to other people etc.) - (life giving her place to death). It was about 9 years ago when we decided to write some of our own songs. All keen admirers of hard, experimental and atmospheric sounds, we can say that especially new wave- no wave bands from the 80's inspired us the most. As the Years passing we are steping forward in order to find how long is our musically journey. We like trying new ways of creating dark punk songs, basically by finding atmospheric doomed riffs "married" to new wave - punk bass lines. Our lyrics, mostly written by Giannis, are social-political and have to do with subjects such as racism, human relationships, feelings etc. Our first album under the title “Noise” will be released the next months.

Released: 2009
Label: B24
Size: 39 MB

01. Youth / Tuflos Sti Gaza (Youth / Eyeless In Gaza)
02. To Xroma Tou Prosopou (Colour Of The Face)
03. Upokoultoura (Subculture (Adiexodo Cover ))


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

VA "Grito Suburbano" LP

I guess that everybody knows this record, but for those few of you that don't - this compilation is probably the most important punk record from Brasil. It was originally released in 1982 on Punk Rock Discos, but my record is 1994 re-release by New Face Records. The bands featured are Olho Seco, Inocentes and Cólera and you know what to expect when all 12 songs last just under 20 minutes.
Here's some info about Grito Suburbano from Inocentes KFTH page:
During 1981, local punks (including members of the band) started organizing the legendary "Grito Suburbano" ("Suburban Screams") shows that took place all around the city and encouraged many kids to get into punk and start their own bands. Late in that same year, they recorded the compilation of the same name with Cólera and Olho Seco (another band, called Anarcolatras, was also supposed to be on the compilation, but ended up not taking part), but the result was so bad that all the bands had to record it all over again and the record (the first punk LP in Brazil) only came out in early '82.

Released: 1994
Label: New Face Records
Size: 48 MB

See/Hide tracklist

01. Olho Seco: Desespero
02. Olho Seco: Sinto
03. Inocentes: Garotos Do Subúrbio
04. Inocentes: Medo De Morrer
05. Cólera: João
06. Cólera: Gritar
07. Olho Seco: Lutar Matar
08. Olho Seco: Eu Não Sei
09. Inocentes: Pânico Em S.P.
10. Inocentes: Morte Nuclear
11. Cólera: Subúrbio Geral
12. Cólera: Hhei