Wednesday, January 28, 2009

URBN DK "Human Indifference" 7"

URBN DK was a hardcore band from Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. I've discovered them in 90s when their guitarist (if I remember right) contacted me for a reason that I don't actually remember (all my letters from that time are boxed at my fathers place). Anyway, he sent me this 7" and I loved it a lot (high quality patch from it is still on my old camo shorts) plus around the same time I got a tape from his friend and his band Bitchslap who also kicked ass and if I remember right they were supposed to have 7" out soon. I don't believe that I've made an interview with them for a zine that I did at the time which is a shame same as never buying another record of theirs (they had some stuff on Beer City Records that I saw on some ads in zines). Anyway, this 7" is really great hardcore record that ends with really great punk song that sounds like early 80s american punk bands. Excellent!
After the demise of URBN DK some members formed excellent grindcore band Despite.
And for the short history of URBN DK, this is what their MySpace page says:
Way back in 1980, URBN DK was born. They started off as a more punk rock style band being punk and snotty. As time went on URBN DK played out a lot and were a big part of the scene. Then they broke up. Around 1990 Bob (guitarist) got URBN DK back together. This time though his goal was not punk rock but fast blistering HXC. Many line up changes and many releases later, the URBN DK machine was put to rest...or was it?

Released: 1996
Label: Power Ground Records
Size: 25 MB

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01. Initiation
02. Your War
03. Blaag
04. Human Indifference
05. Landshark (Fang cover)
06. Conquer & Divide
07. New God
08. Nowhere


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Endless Struggle: The Worst Of The 1in12 Club vol. 12/13 2xLP

I'm back. I've never had such break since I started this, but I guess I got a bit fed up plus there was some serious drinking to do plus some other real life things, but it was mainly getting offline therapy. Anyway, to make it up, this time I'm bringing double LP with 29 tracks for you to enjoy.
This record comes from the Worst Of The 1in12 Club series of compilation LPs put out by the legendary 1in12 club in Bradford. As far as I know there was just one more released after this one (I hope I'm wrong) and I believe that this was the best one. Beginning with the cover artwork by Simon Gane - the standard punk artist in 90s (lately done the cover for the last Subhumans album), to the bands (check out tracklist!!!) playing all types of punk who contributed mostly previously unreleased stuff. This LP was benefit for the Anarchist Black Cross and the Zapatistas and it contained booklet which unfortunately I haven't got with the LP (such things happened a lot to me). The record has quite a lot of clicks and pops as it was heavily abused on my old fucked up turntable, but if you don't have this you should surely check it out as it is great document of the 90s scene.
P.S. If anyone knows what is the last track please feel free to fill in.

Released: 1995
Label: 1 in 12 Records
Size: 189 MB

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01. Terminus - (In This) Dark Carnival
02. Disaffect - State Worse Than Death
03. Sedition - Disgrace
04. Sedition - Abuse
05. One By One - Prisoner Of Conscience
06. Cluster Bomb Unit - Without A Warning
07. Blitzkrieg - Lest We Forget
08. Sarcasm - Mist Of Confusion
09. Wat Tyler - James Whale
10. Sore Throat - Hurry Up Garry '94
11. Sore Throat - Retribute
12. Oi Polloi - Guilty
13. Voorhees - Fucker
14. Voorhees - Whatever I Do
15. Ironside - Suffocation
16. Nailbomb - My Problems
17. Wordbug - Anywhere But Here
18. Decadence Within - Stitch In Time
19. Contropotere - Attacco Al Visus
20. Doom - (We Hate The) Brew Crew
21. Concrete Sox - Speak Japanese Or Die
22. Scraps - Familiar Patterns
23. Virtual Reality - Stalemate
24. Hiatus - They Really Got Me
25. Protest - Paralysis Through Conformity
26. Beer Beast - Govern Mental System
27. Beer Beast - Ilkley Moor
28. Immortal Dead - Who's In Power
29. unknown - ?????

download part 1, part 2