Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Rocking Dildos "On Speed"

This is the other album by this sexy bunch.

Released: 1997
Label: Osmose Productions
Size: 44 MB

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01. Vegeterian Cunts
02. Anal Blast
03. Blue Holocaust
04. Hangover Wank
05. Race With The Devil
06. The R.D. Anthem
07. Tender Bartender
08. Beach Party
09. Who Gives A Shit?
10. Pregnant Women Must Die
11. Club Losers
12. Erection Of The Century
13. Whatchadou2?
14. Hellish Metal
15. Fuckaholics
16. Flop In The Hay
17. TNT Tits
18. 16 Inch Motherfucker


The Rocking Dildos "Horny Hit Parade"

The Rocking Dildos on Röckin' Nöiz!
The Rocking Dildos was Punk/Black Metal (or Angry Metal as they called it) project that got formed during the break of Impaled Nazarene around 1997 by Mika Luttinen and Hervé (the owner of Osmose Productions). So, the band is officially from France but it also has Finnish people in the band.
I don't know much else about them or which one of their albums is first because both of them are from 1997. This is politically uncorrect as it gets, so if you are sensitive about it don't listen to this.

Released: 1997
Label: Osmose Productions
Size: 51 MB

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01. Introduction
02. The Raincoat Brigade
03. Teenage Cunt (That's What I Want!)
04. Night Of Franks (Hads Off To Wank)
05. Hairy Slut
06. Poopskin On My Ballhair
07. Hara-Krishna Blow-Job
08. What The Fuck?
09. A Must For Lust
10. Let Me Be Your Strap-Dildo
11. Toilet Seat Sniffer
12. War Against Feminist Fucks
13. Porno Caesar
14. Roll Your Ass Out Of Here
15. Jim Beam, Joint Och Blow-Job
16. The R.D. Will Never Die
17. Give Me Pussy
18. When I Return, I Return To Die
19. Male Chauvinist Pig
20. Cheers!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sacrilege "Behind The Realms Of Madness"

Sacrilege were a female-fronted thrash metal band from Birmingham that mixed punk attitude with heavy music and as such influenced the birth of crust punk alongside Amebix, Antisect, Hellbastard and similar acts. They later went in more Doom metal waters.
This mini LP is their first effort and a very often listen in Röckin' Nöiz HQ.
Here is their MySpace page, Wikipedia article and Rockdetector biography for more info.

Released: 1985
Label: C.O.R. Records (in the US on Pusmort Records)
Size: 41 MB

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01. Life Line
02. Shadow From Mordor
03. At Death's Door
04. A Violation Of Something Sacred
05. The Closing Irony
06. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind


Friday, December 21, 2007

U.B.R. "Harmonija (1983-85)"

Another one from Slovenia.
U.B.R. (short for Uporniki Brez Razloga (Rebels Without a Cause)) are probably my all-time favourite punk band from ex-Yu. This is their (almost total) discography.
Includes "Corpus Delicti" 7" and complete demo for the "Corpus Delicti" 7" (with many unreleased tracks), first demo '83 taken from "Kaj Je Alternativa" comp. tape, demo for Novi Rock '85, unmixed tracks for "Hard-Core Ljubljana" LP and live tracks from hardcore festival in Ljubljana '84. In short, it includes all possible to be found tracks except the stuff used for Tutti Pazzi # 3 compilation CD. Total of 49 tracks.
The quality of recordings goes from good to bad, but this is a document of a great times for hardcore punk in ex-Yu.
Here's also an review of the CD and U.B.R. KFTH page with Maximum Rock'n'roll interview from '84.

Released: 2003
Label: Falšanja Kol'ko'š Records
Size: 105 MB

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01. Pustota (Demo 2-85)
02. Strah (Demo 2-85)
03. Utrujenost (Corpus Delicti 7'' EP)
04. Od Tod Do Vecnosti (Corpus Delicti 7'' EP)
05. U.B.R. (Corpus Delicti 7'' EP)
06. Harmonija (Corpus Delicti 7'' EP)
07. Corpus Delicti (Corpus Delicti 7'' EP)
08. Frustracija (Corpus Delicti 7'' EP)
09. Podrazitev (Corpus Delicti 7'' EP)
10. Corpus Delicti (Corpus Delicti Demo)
11. Revolucija Je Kurba (Corpus Delicti Demo)
12. Frustracija (Corpus Delicti Demo)
13. Podrazitev (Corpus Delicti Demo)
14. Od Tod Do Vecnosti (Corpus Delicti Demo)
15. Utrujenost (Corpus Delicti Demo)
16. Harmonija (Corpus Delicti Demo)
17. Lepote Moje Domovine (Corpus Delicti Demo)
18. Alternative Ni (Corpus Delicti Demo)
19. Moje Zivljenje (Corpus Delicti Demo)
20. U.B.R. (Corpus Delicti Demo)
21. Tvoj Bog (Nemixane Trax Za Ljubljana HC LP)
22. Se En Lep Dan (Nemixane Trax Za Ljubljana HC LP)
23. Ujetnik (Nemixane Trax Za Ljubljana HC LP)
24. Zgodovino Pise Zmagovalec (Nemixane Trax Za Ljubljana HC LP)
25. Pustota (Nemixane Trax Za Ljubljana HC LP)
26. Strah (Je Vecen) (Nemixane Trax Za Ljubljana HC LP)
27. Organiziran Kaos (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
28. Harmonija (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
29. Lepote Moje Domovine (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
30. Clovek Vrednota Sistema (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
31. Moje Zivljenje (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
32. U.B.R. (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
33. Revolucija Je Kurba (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
34. Nostalgija (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
35. Alternative Ni (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
36. Sam (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
37. Ne Maram (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
38. Frustracija (Neobjavljena) (V.A. Ka'e Alternativa Tape)
39. U.B.R. (Live Truck 25-5-84)
40. Revolucija Je Kurba (Live Truck 25-5-84)
41. Lepote Moje Domovine (Live Truck 25-5-84)
42. Frustracija (Live Truck 25-5-84)
43. Podrazitev (Live Truck 25-5-84)
44. Corpus Delicti (Live Truck 25-5-84)
45. Od Tod Do Vecnosti (Live Truck 25-5-84)
46. Utrujenost (Live Truck 25-5-84)
47. Moje Zivljenje (Live Truck 25-5-84)
48. Organiziran Kaos (Live Truck 25-5-84)
49. Harmonija (Live Truck 25-5-84)


Friday, December 14, 2007

Pankrti "Dolgcajt"

Not so nöizy, but since these guys are celebrating their 30th anniversary with a reunion tour here's a bit of history.
Pankrti were pioneering punk band in ex-Yugoslavia that started things rolling and influenced many to start their own bands. They were formed in 1977 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Their first single "Lepi In Prazni/Lublana Je Bulana" (1978) was the first punk single in ex-Yu (pressed in only 2000 copies). It received great reviews in New Musical Express and Melody Maker. About 200 copies made it to USA and one of it's proud owners is Jello Biafra who considered "Dolgcajt" one of the greatest punk albums in the world. Here is the Wikipedia article about them and here is their first album Dolgcajt.

Released: 1980
Size: 43 MB

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01. Kruha In Iger
02. Pocitnice Na Morju
03. Civili In Vojaki
04. Metka
05. Lepi In Prazni
06. Zelenye Berega Peysazov (Ljubica)
07. Jest Sem Na Liniji
08. Kdo So Ti Ljudje
09. Sedemnajst
10. Totalna Revolucija
11. Pazi, Fant, Ura Zvoni
12. Otroci
13. Racunite Z Nami
14. Podgane Iz Lublane