Tuesday, April 26, 2011

X-Ray Spex "Identity" 7"

I've just found out from KYPP pages that Poly Styrene has passed away yesterday from breast cancer, less than a month after releasing her new album which was produced by Martin Glover (aka Youth of Killing Joke fame).
What I've always loved about Spex was that they were that cheerier side of punk without having nonsense lyrics like some other "cheery" punk bands had. Despite the fact that her post-Spex life went into some spiritual direction which holds no interest to me, the fact remains that the Spex were one of the most original and underrated punk bands ever.
The reason that I'm posting this record is that it's (unfortunately) the only X-Ray Spex vinyl that I own and it's the german release of their 3rd (or is it 4th?) 7". Again, the sound level is through the roof 'cause I can't adjust it through my USB pre-amp, so, until I buy some better equipment...
R.I.P. Poly.

Released: 1978
Label: EMI Electrola
Size: 14 MB

01. Identity
02. Let's Submerge