Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bagger/Lieselotte split LP

This split brings two excellent bands from Switzerland. Bagger from Biel are crust with fe/male vocals sung in German and Lieselotte from Geneve are more of grinding crust with a touch of death metal and sludge sung in English, French and Spanish. I really cannot decide which one is better because both bands kick some serious ass.
While I don't know much about Lieselotte I was lucky enough to watch Bagger live and that was a gig to remember. Their shows were much more than just music. They had a total apocalyptic performance including a web in front of the stage crawled with creepy alienesque creatures, fire and what not else including a projections from the truck outside the show. That show was one truly unique experience and I hope that it is available somewhere in video format. Here you can see just a tiny bit from their shows.
Today these two bands' members are working as well known crusties called Pack. Let it rip.
Oh, yes. I thought I could mention that Bagger side of the LP is played from the inside out, so if you have automatic tonearm on your turntable it would be really annoying trying to play it from the beginning.

Released: 1999
Label: Sorry Records
Size: 103 MB

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01. Bagger - Mänschäfrass
02. Bagger - Folter
03. Bagger - Doom
04. Bagger - Arschloch
05. Bagger - Burning
06. Bagger - Balladä
07. Bagger - Mordgedankä
08. Bagger - Paranoia
09. Bagger - Emo
10. Bagger - Blut
11. Lieselotte - Counterattack
12. Lieselotte - I Can't Bear It
13. Lieselotte - Heavy Metal
14. Lieselotte - Donde Estan?
15. Lieselotte - Happy Bastard
16. Lieselotte - Garage Of Death
17. Lieselotte - Lalala
18. Lieselotte - Grinding Teeth
19. Lieselotte - Get Use To Abuse
20. Lieselotte - Bonjour
21. Lieselotte - Money Is...

download part 1, part 2

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

...And Now Back To Our Programming

I guess this summer is kind of finished for me. It's been two very good spent weeks at the coast during my days off work including a weekend at Monte Paradiso festival, then bbq the next day at my Aussie friend Phil's place with the guys from Pisschrist and Sotatila, then few days of chilling out and a bit of swimming, then a weekend on festival in Šibenik then chilling out some more.
The good news for the visitors of this blog is that I've got a working turntable again thanx to above mentioned Aussie Phil who brought me Technics SL-1210 mkII that I've managed to find in the UK ads for 155 pounds (around 100 pounds cheaper than here) and it works like a charm, so you can expect some new rips very soon. The bad thing is that I've spent one whole fucken' week trying to find UK to euro power cord adapter in dosens of electro,
computer and similar shops. That was a fucking nightmare, but I finally got it.
The music that was keeping me company while driving from place to place along the coast was mostly Calavera, Mind Pollution, Entombed, Warcollapse, Zeke, last Inepsy album (fuck yeah) and new Active Minds CD (yes-CD) that really as they say on their myspace "rocks like a bastard". I almost forgot how much I love this band.
Now I'm back at work and my car needs to have a big repair, so I need to save quite a lot of money, so I will miss this and that hurts as fuck. Some of my favourites play there and I'll be working for the bossman.
I've put a picture of me and my russian fins going to action so that those of you that are spending the summer somewhere on the hot concrete feel at least a bit jealous of me.