Thursday, October 23, 2008

Those Who Survived The Plague "A Plan To End All Plans" LP

This is the last album by this Austrian punks. This sounds much better to me now than when I bought it. It's kinda melodic hardcore punk with female vocalist and the only melodic punk that I've listened at the time (and pretty much now too) was NOFX's album Ribbed, Petrograd, Peace Of Mind and Quarantine (as much as I remember). Anyway, if you're into that type of stuff this would be highly recommended. Two of the members now play in another melodic punk band called Brambilla.
Here you have some kind of discography page of theirs.
BTW, this is the first rip with the new record needle so the rips will be better from now on. Enjoy.

Released: 1998
Label: Sacro K-Baalismo / Jurassic Punk Records / Ick Hör Watt Rec.
Size: 86 MB

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01. Be-Bomb-A-Loo-La
02. 357-Eight
03. Nobody Told Him Fish Can Swim
04. Heat II
05. Books
06. Die Like A Dog
07. Document #2
08. Down With Jones
09. Doc Murphy
10. Solutions
11. New Era
12. Wimpgewächs
13. Colors
14. Be-Bomb-Deluxe